The Lagan nu Bhonu festival at SodaBottleOpenerWala is back

It's back! The delightful Lagan nu Bhonu festival at SodaBottleOpenerWala is back. With the bar set pretty high, keeping last year's festival in mind, I eagerly looked forward to what the team had put together. I was invited to come over on a Thursday evening, and after what had been a long busy day. I was hoping and praying that a delicious hot meal would help me sleep better. 


Keeping the lessons learnt from last year in terms of over-estimating my capacity to finish the thali, I kept my hubris at home. When the thali arrived, the first thing that catches your eye when the plate is placed in front is the large fried mackerel. Fried to perfection, it was an absolute joy to polish that fish off.


My favourite dish on plate was the Jardaloo ma Murghi. The dish seamlessly blends onions, ginger and dried apricots into a sweet-spice gravy. With a perfectly cooked tender leg of chicken, I had to resist from being gluttonous and asking for a second helping. 


The thali features other classic Parsi dishes like Mutton Masala Pulav, Saria, a lip-smacking Gaajar Newa Nu Aachar and a chicken pattice. The only thing I would have honestly changed would have been to replace the pattice with the Chutney Eeda na Pattice from last year.


Dessert was some fresh halwa, and a glass of delicious falooda. While it wasn't the best thing for my weight, it was a wonderful way to sign off a delightful meal. I didn't take a look at what was on offer for the vegetarians. The veg costs INR 600++ and the non veg costs INR 700++ and is available for both lunch and dinner.