The Burger Fest at Plan B

There are burger festivals and there are burger festivals. The one at Plan B is the latter (I read that line a few times and realise how it sounds like a messed up pun, but decided to stick with it anyway).  As a part of a month long burger festival, running across all three outlets, the team at Plan B have put together 20 different burgers featuring a variety of ingredients such as kimchi, wasabi mayo, smoked meats, zucchini (yes, I use a vegetarian word) and much more.

Curated by Ruth D’Souza Prabhu (of, I was invited, along with a bunch of familiar faces to a ‘Boy’s Night Out’ evening at the Castle Street Outlet of Plan B to experience all the new burgers. I always know that when Thashvin Muckatira is involved, I will be leaving the evening with my mind blown. The nondescript industrial-themed interiors of wood, steel and exposed brick wall, coupled with a delicious cold Witty Wit from Geist and good old classic rock ‘n’ roll to welcome me, I almost immediately knew this was going to be a fun evening.


In order to ensure that we taste as much as possible, instead of the standard large size burgers, we were served slider. My eyes were immediately drawn towards the Korean Pork Bulgogi Burger (yes, South Korea trip hangover is still not over), which I ordered along with the Mediterranean Lamb Burger.  The Korean Pork Burger offered delicious slow-cooked pork belly topped with bulgogi and kimchi. While I loved how the meat was treated, the kimchi needed to be spicier. Unfortunately, thanks to a lot of the Indian Chinese restaurants, the average consumer expects kimchi to be a sweet and spicy mix. Pardon me; I’m just being a bit of a travel snob. The minced lamb patty on the second burger was cooked perfectly.


As the beers continued to be chugged down, we moved onto round two. I ordered the Black & Blue, a beef burger with blackened spices topped with blue cheese; and the Baconator, a burger whose patty is made from minced bacon. The former was simple A grade awesomeness. Tender meat, perfectly spiced and a delicious layer of blue cheese…sigh! While I’d have loved more blue cheese, this was my favourite burger so far. It definitely sits on my list of burgers I’m coming back for, to order the full size. No complaints on the Baconator, but the poor chap felt pedestrian when compared to the Black & Blue.


While we made our way through a few more wits and dunkels from Geist, my final pick for the evening was the pièce de résistance – The Belgian Waffle Pork Burger. This was the burger instigated inappropriate happy noises (and few photographs from the other that showed my ‘foodgasm’ face… which is just not pretty). Pulled pork, braised for 12 hours, served on a crunchy savoury Belgian waffle, with coleslaw, this burger hit the ball out of the park. The say ‘perfection’ is all about getting a lot of little things right… this dish was perfect. There was nothing that came to mind, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, less of this, nothing that could have made this more perfect. If there is a burger I am definitely returning for, it’s going to be this one. Pork lovers… do NOT miss!

PC: Sudhakar Prabhu

PC: Sudhakar Prabhu

The festival is runs on till the 19th of March, at all the three outlets in the city. The full sized burgers are priced between INR 380 and INR 450.

PS - The vegetarians have a few options too; I’d recommend the zucchini burger.