The Notorious Sunday Brunch at Monsoon, The Park Bengaluru

Veteran Chef Anthony Bourdain called ‘The Sunday Brunch’ as among one of the worst food trends he’s seen in 2017. However, I can vouch for a vast majority of Sunday Brunch goers who would vehemently disagree with Bourdain’s opinions (on Sunday Brunch and a great many other things). While I am sincerely trying to give up on what’s become a favourite weekend pastime only because I tend to over eat and drink, only to feel quite sorry for myself the following morning, I did agree to take up one last Sunday brunch invite from the good folks at the Park.

Titled ‘The Notorious Sunday Brunch’, Monsoon at the Park offers a relatively conservative yet delightful fare. Spread partially across the outdoor swimming area, and inside for those not looking for a tan this summer, the brunch offers a wide range of dishes from some classic chaats to pizza to good old-fashioned barbequed kababs. Not to forget a ‘Make your own Mimosa’ bar. While they don’t have the widest selection of beers, I was more than delighted to see Edelweiss, one of my current favourites, available. ( PS – I might have had to drown myself in the pool if there was only that monkey brand beer type thing available). While the bar offered a lot more in terms of cocktails, sparkling wine, etc I was content with my beer.


I normally don’t have the greatest praise for chaats at any establishment that isn’t a little road-side cart or a hole-in-the-wall store, but the katchori chaat I had ticked all the right spots. I also enjoyed the barbequed potatoes ( yikes… another vegetarian dish) and the noodles. Not looking to go overboard with experimentation, the brunch sticks to more familiar dishes. From Indian to Chinese to continental, the Sunday brunch has adequate options for everyone. I stayed away from the dessert because there was absolutely no room left for more.


The brunch is priced at INR 1500 AI per person without alcohol and INR 2200 AI per person including alcohol. If a value-for-money, no-shenanigans Sunday brunch is what you’re looking for, head over to Monsoon at The Park.