The Travelling Dimsum Festival, Shizusan

All the ‘you win some, you dim sum’ jokes have been cracked. And people have staked a claim on those jokes like a proud explorer would in the name of the queen. (But why would you anyway?) So I’ll cut straight to the chase. The team at Shizusan have put together a festival to showcase buns, wantons, moneybags and more with flavours from all across Asia. Every dish comes with a recommended cocktail option. Yours truly was invited last weekend to try out the same. With an equal number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, and adequate reinforcements at the table, we tried everything.

While I’ll attach a larger menu for you to run through and see what catches your eye, I’ll talk about my top three favourites. Surprisingly enough, the vegetarian fare offered a lot more flavour and dominates my favourites. The Spinach, Date and Cashewnut bun was an instant favourite. The dish was on the sweeter side of things, but the date and cashew flavours were not overwhelmed by the bitter taste that spinach tends to leave behind in one’s mouth.  Favourite of mine, and I hate that I liked something with cottage cheese, would be the Cottage Cheese and Sambal dumpling. This was another delightfully balanced dumpling, with an almost familiar Indian flavour thanks to the sambal.


 We all were getting a tad worried at our table that we seemed to be enjoying the vegetarian fare a lot more than the non-veg. Fortunately, to the rescue, my favourite for the evening - the Seafood Sui Mai. Perfectly steamed, the right amount of fresh seafood, this plate was cleaned out almost instantly. We knew we wanted seconds, but decided to keep space for some of the others as well as the dessert.


An honorary mention for the picture-perfect Activated Charcoal & Crab Xiao Long Bao. Almost looking like the yin and yang symbol, I was expecting this dumpling to be the pièce de résistance of the festival. However, the lack of adequate amounts of broth that bolsters the flavour when one takes a bite of the xiao long bao was a bit of a turn off. No complaints on the flavour otherwise.


Our dessert was a delicious plate of Green Apple Pie Moneybags. This dish had us smacking our lips with the wonderful citrus flavours of green apple and the sweet flavours of the caramel sauce.  I had quite a bit to drink earlier in the day; else I would have loved to have paired this with the recommended Green Apple Martini.


The Travelling Dim sum menu runs from 27th April to 13th May. Available with four pieces a plate, the vegetarian fare is priced at INR 325 a plate and the non-vegetarian fare at INR 375 a plate ( taxes and services charge extra).

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