Tea becomes the new drink of choice for Millennials - Economic Times

I had shared my thoughts on how tea is a new attraction for the millennial crowd and how fancy tea bars need to educate folks about how tea is a lot more than chai, and help make all the various options mainstream.

As quoted in the article - Nikhilesh Murthy, food blogger and tea enthusiast, adds, “Instagrammable dining is the top trend now and has fuelled the mushrooming of elite tea bars. It’s the statement to make. Tea bars, however, must host workshops like tea-pairing to educate people and become more accessible.” 

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Bengaluru eateries revisit 1960s, pick old-world charm as the new theme - Economic Times

Quoted in the Economic Times, dates 28 June 2018 where I share my thoughts on how restaurants in Bangalore are reviving old school recipes and focusing on more traditional ingredients. 

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I share my experiences that come from ace bartender Balakrishnan Subramanyan who's taking traditional ingredients and recipes to create cocktails that have a story about days gone by. For example, there's A gin-based cocktail with ingredients like dill leaves, peanut syrup and sugarcane juice found in the fields along the Bengaluru-Mysuru rail route. 
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It's being termed, the ‘dhabaredux’ - Economic Times

Yours truly was featured in an article in the Economic Times where I share my thoughts on how Bengaluru dhabas are getting an urban revamp, and move from highway to high-streets. 

The article talks about how rapid urbanisation and rising  real estate costs have engulfed old-school dhabas  on Kanakapura Road, Mysuru Road or Bannerghatta Road. And how the IT revolution has opened up a new market to cater to and opened posh dhaba restaurants that replicate the robust flavours with emphasis on hygiene

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