I like shopping too!!!!

Contrary to the popular belief, men like shopping too. Sometimes, men like shopping even more than women, but what differs is the style.

Women would try on about 20 pairs of shoes before rejecting them all because the box in which they give the shoes isn't the right colour. Men on the other hand, would go to the store, check out 3 pairs...try on one...and presto!! It's a match. We would look more at stuff like whether this would get dirty soon, is it waterproof, dirt proof, fire proof( for the more ambitious pyro-psychos).
A woman walks into a saree shop, makes the poor guy take the entire shop down before finally settling for the very first saree she saw. A guy would go to the 50% sale instead and pick up what fits. Yeah, times are changing though. I find more and more guys becoming women when it comes to shopping. This happened to yours truly the other day.
I walked into a store and actually tried on 7 jackets before finally deciding to stick with the one i already have. I do remember the shop assistant muttering under his breath," Saala, ladki to kam se kam end mein kuch to leti hain!!!". I went to 3 various Adidas stores, must have tried at least half a dozen shoes at each store,before finally walking into Nike and buying a pair of shoes there. Yes, I fell in love with that pair the moment I laid eyes on them. ( excuse me for sounding odd ).
Events like this happened all day.
I waltzed into shoppers stop and tried on all the designer wear there. All the odd purples and pinks. Yes, you heard me, pinks! Tried everything in my size. Poor assistant kept following me around all the time. I finally went and bought a plain white T shirt for 300 bucks. All that after trying on designer wear, the lowest being 1500 bucks. I know, I'm going to hell for doing that to the shop assistant.

I'm sure the commercial street and brigade road shop owners association would have barred me from shopping at any of their establishments.

But to tell the truth, someone like me who is low on patience, I actually enjoyed the whole 'take the store down' shopping spree!!! But I don't think I can do this week after week. Not because of my financial situation( Now would be a good time to donate some money to me), but I think the whole thrill would go away if this happened too frequently.

Thanks to women for inventing the whole experience of shopping!!! Not too bad!!!!