The last exam that matters...Again!

We've all got the talk from our parents whenever we went to write a major exam of any sort. "This is the most important exam of your life! If you do this exam well,it'll be smooth sailing from here. Life will be great!"

Somehow, i think we ought to sue our parents for getting their facts wrong. They say this before every exam. This terrible disease started in class 10. I was promised that if I did that exam well, I would not have to bother about other exams. I was young and naive, hence i worked my rear off studying and fared quite alright. But then fast forward to class 12, they said the same thing again. There must be this pamphlet they hand out at the maternity ward which parents have to memorize and tell their kids. It was the same speech i heard from 2 years ago.

This speech continued right into CET and engineering. After 2-3 times, you really lose faith in what they say. It started in class 10, then encore in 12, then CET , then IIT-JEE, then every exam that followed. I got the whole speech again last week. I'm not sure why they give it. The same speech no matter how motivating ,loses its charm after it's said too many times.
But this time, I got back. I got on my knees and yelled," Why lord why? You make these people give me false hopes that I would never have to write exams again!Yet suffer do i the wraith of judgement by others! Why Lord why?"
I guess my folks got the message. And we've not heard the speech since.

FYI, to all kids reading this, if your parents ever say study now and you'll never have to write exams again, please don't believe them. Exams are like a bad habit you cant quit. Once you start, you'll be writing till you're six feet under.( I cannot vouch for 'NO exams' in heaven or hell ). Once you start with class 10, it'll be class 12, then graduation entrance, then graduation exams, then post-graduation entrance, then post-grad exams, then certifications at work, and many many more. It will never stop.

Don't believe them. Like John Mayer sang,"I just found out there's no such thing as the real world, just a lie you've got to rise above!"