When 200 bucks was a lot of money....

How many of you remember the good old days of school when the smallest things meant so much. Just the other day, I was talking with a couple of friends and we were discussing our days back at school when the little things made us so happy. Things like the 50ps ice lolly, or the 5 rupee Bhel puri, or the pool-in lunch where we all pitched in to share one dosa. And we all never had very much money then and yet life was so happy. Life was so much simpler then.

If anyone of us were to win 200 bucks in some competition, it meant so much. that would mean 40 days of bhel puri or ice lolly treat for your friends(and enemies). You would sponsor the dosa that day. That day, you would go down to 'cool-joint' and have both a sandwich and an ice-cream.

How life has changed. We all earn far more than 200 bucks. Yet what used to make us so happy then seems so insignificant now. Even the 350 bucks 'long island ice tea' at 'hard rock cafe doesn't hold the same punch ( no pun intended) as the 5 Rupee lime soda off the street which we would have long ago. If some relative gave us money as kids, we would be quite enthusiastic to run down to the nearest toy store and pick up the latest GI Joe, but now when they give us money, we give them a look which says," Damn, i cant even get a coffee at CCD on this!". I remember a time in college when i would walk home or take a bus to save money to go to the gaming parlour and have an ice cream on the weekend. But now, even though we all can afford everything, gaming doesn't seem as fun as it used to.

lolly. Simply I guess as we grow older, our needs increase proportionately. But it's good to go back once in a while down memory lane and still have the 5 rupee bhel puri or the sandwich. Or even the 50ps because this would help us feel more grateful for what we've got and maybe, just maybe we could learn to be happy.