The odd Valentines day!

The odd Valentines Day! This was a fairly odd valentines day! I've got so used to turning on the tube in the evening and seeing the good old self proclaimed protectors of Indian culture and heritage up to what they do best. While trying to "protect" us, they end up setting a bad example of India to the world, we are a non-tolerant under-developed country who don’t know to accept change and would rather stick to old fashioned senseless ways than to see how we can progress.

The good old protectors i.e the Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and VHP normally spend their valentines day breaking shops that acknowledge this day, beating up couples trying to have a nice time or burning effigies of George Bush who symbolizes the west. But for once, there were no such incidents. I guess they were all too caught up in the entire "Raj Thackeray hates north Indians" saga. The point I’m trying to state is that such groups don't really stand for anything but cheap votes.They have no concern for the common man and the only way they can get any publicity is by cheap under-handed tactics like violence and mayhem. Why were they not doing the same this year too? The reason is because they were too pre-occupied to care about it.

For once, the news had no incidents of goonda raj where political groups were busy causing problems on this universal day of love. No reports of innocent couple being moral-policed. No Archies’ or hallmark card showrooms being ransacked. No restaurants or parties being gate-crashed by people who are just unhappy to see everyone happy. Most of these trouble makers are unemployed uneducated people who needed something better to do on Valentines Day!