Why poor fat people must not lose weight.

Poor fat guys must remain fat. Especially , poor fat guys with egos. When a fat guy loses weight, he or she likes the world to know. Losing weight out of sheer hard exercise and diet is no joke. There are those who do get the whole operation done, but they are not the true heroes of weight loss.

Coming back to the point, fat and poor people must not lose weight. When a fat poor person loses weight, they need to buy new clothes. When you are fat, the concept of 'shopping' does not arise. You walk into a store and buy the size 44 waist jeans and walk out. You really cant be choosy about the colour of the jeans. Same goes for shirts. But when you're not size-challenged, you have the liberty of buying nice clothes. Unfortunately, nice clothes sometimes translates into expensive clothes. And if you are earning, you really can’t ask your folks for money.

What does one do? They end up continuing to wear their fat person clothes with a belt that goes all the way around. Your shirts look like parachutes, if you were to jump off a building, you could glide to safety thanks to all the extra cloth. That apart, people don’t really notice. They generally say you have not lost any weight or you look the same. This is perhaps the most heart-breaking stuff a fat person can hear. Especially, when you've traveled to the ends of the earth to lose tons of weight and go from a 44 waist to a 38 waist.

So fat people, be warned. It's ok if you are rich enough to buy a new wardrobe. If you are not, stay fat. If you are going to lose weight and still wear big-boy clothes, better leave your ego out of the equation, because people are not going to notice.

“Fat and poor” people must not lose weight!!!!!