I need a Disney princess !!!!!

I had a party at my place last weekend. It was a case of “when the cat is away, the mice will play”. My folks were out of town and I had an empty house. When you have guys, food and alcohol, only one thing can come out of that concoction….a mess!!!! And that’s precisely what happened. We woke up next morning to a house that was in…well…pretty bad shape. I took the task of cleaning up the darn place and boy…it took me almost all day before the house looked more like how Mom had left it and less of a pig sty.

I settled down to channel surf and they were showing one of the Disney cartoon on TV with the typical princess who enters a filthy house and sings her way to cleanliness. She sings a song and all the fuzzy forest animals come and help her clean. The deer and rabbits wash clothes, the turtle cleans the floor, the birds clean the ceiling and the mice do the dishes.And by the end of the song, the house is so clean that it would give Buckingham palace a complex.

And I was wondering, how nice it would be to know one of these princesses. I could have called her over and she would have sung a merry tune and all the darn cockroaches, ants, cats, dogs and pigeons from the concrete jungle could clean my house and in about ten minutes, it would be lemony fresh. Darn, if only fairy tales were true. Just need to find one of these princesses for future uses. If anyone knows a Snow White or a Cinderella, please get in touch with me. No 'sleeping beauty' please...that's my job !!!