Nitro to liquid coolant !!!!!

We all know about the car junkies who keep modifying their cars (or bikes) to optimize look and performance. We have folks who put in new alloy rims, neon, spoilers. Maybe paint the car with tribal designs and glow paint, put in some new engine coolers and maybe even a new suspension. Basically, they keep tinkering with their cars to continuously optimize look and performance.
These junkies were the envy of both guys and girls of the underground movement. Latest wheels would meet in the dead of the night, turn on their sub-woofers and thump latest hip hop or metal from the boot of their car. Egos clash over who's car is better. Normally, settled over who has more nitro.

This junkie now has competition from the geek. Geeks too are junkies of the new world. A couple of friends and i were having a very animated discussion on what to upgrade on our computers. We were talking about heat sinks, and RAM, motherboards, power supply, etc. Even computers today have neon and instead of nitro, we have liquid coolant. Geeks meet over the net and show off. The geek with the best configuration would normally be challenged to specifications by another geek. Upgrades are not cheap 400-500 bucks. Small upgrades to lower the temperature can cost up to 15000 bucks. the latest graphics card and mother board could go up to 45000. History has recorded people spending life saving on upgrading PC's just to have it become 'yesterday's news' ina very short time.

It's amazing how cyberspace has created this new junkie who shows off not with his car , but his computer's hard drives, speed, processing capability. All these determine the best geek of the underground web. Geeks even sometimes cause a fair amount of havoc by hacking into other peoples computers, almost as good a as a street drag.

Basically, this is just how evolution works. Life finds a way to evolve and so has lifestyle. Computers, once meant only for scientific purpose have now become as good as a car which can be envied by others.

Where are we going from here?