Spare the rod and really screw up your child !!!!

I recently made a trip to the nearby super market and while I was drooling over the meat in the frozen foods section, a couple of kids were trying to ensure Armageddon came sooner than expected. The kids were throwing food on the ground, running around, screaming and fighting, pulling goods of the shelves, etc. I was fairly annoyed by the fact that the parents were busy coochie-cooing over in the corner over an ice-cream.

The straw that broke the camels back was when the two children decided to use the shopping carts to decide who would have their driving licenses(when/if they got one) revoked first. One of the kids was kind enough to use my leg as a speed breaker. I caught the brat and dragged him by his arm to his parents and had to break up their romance. I being the melodramatic type had to make a scene(like that was not expected of yours truly). I told the parents that if they did not know to manage their kids they ought not to have them. The stupid idiots responded by saying that this was the age kids played around and that i should not disturb them.

This drove me over the edge. I got really wild. I already got a swollen ankle and these two pathetic excuses for breeding human beings are telling me to chill. Who the devil do they think they are? These were my exact words," You're telling me that it's ok to let these brats run around hitting other people. That's the problem with your generation. You f**k up as parents and then blame us. You keep saying half the problems are caused by my generation, I think it's you morons who need a lesson in how to raise kids and not potential felons!"

My point from this entire incident is that when we see kids running around acting their age, we've got to understand, it's just natural. It’s not their fault their parents don’t know to set the rules of acceptable public behaviour. But, I guess the saying, “the apple does not fall far from the tree” hold good for certain families. Kids must be let free to grow up. But parents must understand their role as parents. Sure you may be the pot smoking hippie types who think that the body is a shell for the soul to run wild and free, but remember, you are going to get beaten up eventually. Well maybe not you, but I’m darn sure you’re children would be spending a lot of time meeting a certain Mr. Knuckle-punch when they grow up.

Like Russell Peters said, “Somebody going to get a hurt real bad!......Somebody!