Waaaaaaaah....I want summer holidays !!!!

Nostalgia has been on a bit of an over-drive these days. With the summer holidays going on, kids who until yesterday were busy running from tuitions, to piano class to tennis coaching, run free and wild in the playground. And I remember the good old days we had. Summer mornings with friends at the pool, afternoons watching movies at a friend’s place…evenings playing PC games or football. Those were great days. Those two months were ours. No one could tell us a thing. We owned the town, every playground, every hang out joint, etc.

Anyway, nostalgia at some level is a terrible thing because it makes you miss what you once had, I was telling my friend as to how lucky kids these days are. They have tons of fun stuff to do during the vacations. And all at a very affordable fee. For example the Ranga-shankara is organizing acting classes for kids in the age bracket 10 – 18 years.

When I was younger, such classes cost an arm and a leg. We had to choose between, some stupid summer camp, computer classes or painting class. But kids today have it good, so many classes…dance, acting, music, singing, drawing, advanced graphics design, soccer, tennis, basically the works….Damn! I wish I were like 12 years old again living in this day. Who knows, with enough encouragement, I would have been the next Marlon Brando or tom Hanks. My folks never questioned any of the classes I wanted to go, but the thing that is annoying me is that we never had any of these back in the day. Well not at affordable rates.

Well, I guess you never really miss what you never had.