Frags in my blood again !!!

Lately, I’ve been having a very bad case of jittery nerves. It always seems to manifest itself around the time of exams. I lose all control, stop thinking straight, cant seem to even hold a pencil without dropping it. Ok, I’m being my melodramatic self.

It’s just that when exams come around the corner, it feels like an allergic reaction of some sort. ( I and 99% of the population suffer from this). I just couldn’t seem to think calmly while studying or practicing papers. My ninja reflexes were not functioning as they , along with my spidey senses and telekinesis. ( Yes! I did turn 68 the other day!)

So I went back to an old remedy which I used in college. It’s this lovely little thing called Counter Strike’. I must be playing this game after almost a year. You’d remember from a previous post that I’m suffering from major post graphic card traumatic withdrawal symptoms after my graphics card passed away last November and I couldn’t replace her. So only simple graphic-games like Counter Strike and Quake 3 Arena ( more advertising moolah for me ….. yeah right!) were the only things that just about managed to run on my comp without her yelling, “No more!!!”. So, I went back to one of my faithful remedies known as Counter Strike and boy did it help!!!

Although I totally played like a noob (it’s the gaming lingo for a newbie or a greenhorn), it just felt so good. To be back in sniper mode again. Wow!!! No nerves, no eagerness, nothing. Adrenaline slowed down enough to keep me focused and hold the mouse steady while I zoomed in. Eyes focused! It is not fear that grips him … only a heightened sense of things. Cold air in his lungs … wind-swept pines moving against the coming night. His hands are steady – his form perfect., just as the darn bot moved, “KAPOW”…off with his head.’ ( I just O.D on 300 over the weekend ) This is one of the finest feelings I’ve had after a long time. Felt like that vodka and lime you have after a really really hard day at work. Felt so good to hear the familiar sound of the Magnum sniper calmly firing and ripping someone's spleen.

And guess what? No nerves anymore. I guess CS ( Counter Strike) is one more thing on the list I am getting back to. It feels so good to have frags in my blood again. ( wiki ‘frags’ if you don’t get what it means).