Oh no! No resonance cascade!

I need to give you a bit of PC Gaming history before I continue. There is this game called Half Life ( The most awesome game ever…put out my back playing the sequel when it came out….30+hours straight of gaming). Anyway, half life was one of the all time great games that would definitely be one of the turning points in PC Gaming history. Brilliant game-play, and the new engine simply kicked rear.

It’s about a scientist called Dr.Freeman who works at a nuclear facility called Black Mesa. (Don’t ask the US government, they’ll deny it exists).Anyway, he’s working with some experimental Uranium and what do you know, things go awry and it ends up opening a gateway to a parallel universe. This opening of the gateway in gaming history is known as the ‘resonance cascade’. And through this gateway, creatures of all sorts, aliens of the weirdest types (and they are not the ‘ET phone home’ cute types) come through this gateway and wish to rule the world. And our Dr.Freeman saves the world from being over run by the weird and grotesque. Ok, the relatively weird and grotesque! (happy?)

Anyway, coming back to the story. This morning at work, I was in the loo (yes….I said Loo…ok…’water closet’ for all you ‘politically correct’ nincompoops ) and just as I flushed….alarms went off! The shrill sound and sudden noise out on the floor made me wonder! The timing of the two synchronized perfectly. Could it be? Was it happening for real? For about 2 minutes I wished that that flush were some nuclear reactor thing-a-majig which caused a resonance cascade and opened a gateway to another world. I would step out of the loo, to see the world had crumbled into anarchy and I was the redeemer of mankind. Armed with a crowbar and a gun, I would kill all the aliens and the boss alien of the other world. Get me a Kevlar and I shall kill them all. Muhahaha! Take the world out of its misery and bring hope to a new world order. Man would once again be the conqueror.

But nope! No resonance cascade! It was only a darn fire drill! Familiar faces scurrying towards the fire escape. No aliens, no world at Armageddon, nothing! It was not even a real fire.

I guess all this vivid imagination and delusions of grandeur comes from the fact that I have been deprived of computer games since last November when my graphics card went kaput. And I really need some pixel action!