T'was a good saturday !

So the weekend was here and it was time to go out. After much deliberation over the past few weeks, I landed up with one of the gangs at good old TGIF. The ambiance was great, as always. Except they were playing hip hop and trance. The Jack Daniels started turning sour. Anyway, so we were there, having a good time, great poison and food; and then guess what happened?

My extended family called and they were coming to TGIF too. You can imagine my ecstasy. Saturday evening, TGIF, happy hours and not one bunch but 2 of my nicest bunch of friends. It was so cool. It’s times like these one feels truly blessed in the world. And what made it better was these two bunches hit it off and I think they actually gelled quite well. (Phew, nothing like having two bunch of people who can’t sit at the same table!). So it was (in order of appearance) Shravan,Ash,Me,Sai,Tava,Vinay,Meg and Vijay. Good times. I even won an army knife (the third I own) We even made Meg stand on the chair and do the whole TGIF Dance so that we could get some free chocolate cake. My hand-eye co-ordination wasn’t the best, (well D-uh…I’m at TGIF) and a nice bit of chocolate cake landed on Ash’s white shirt instead of Meg’s face. ( Surf excel hain na!). Oh, and Sai won some nice wine glasses too.

Another high point of the evening was the B-52 flamer. The arsonist in me has developed this new thing for booze on fire. I guess I was fine until then, but the flamer hit the spot. And wow!!! It was all ‘Rock star unleashed’ from then on. By that definition, I mean I get loud (more than when I am sober) and sing along, and if it’s a song I know! God show mercy to my spirited audience. A personal low point of the evening was I lost two rounds of 'booze bottoms up', to a girl! But in my defence, I had way more to drink than her before I got to that stage. So technically, it wasn’t a fair fight. (I can’t believe I am actually whining about this.) Anyway, it was a really really really fun evening. One of the best I’ve had in a really really long time. (Notice the excessive use of ‘really’).

Thanks guys!