Waking up on the wrong side of bed....

We’ve all used that term so much; I for one have been using it every morning since I decided to join an engineering course (that was 6 years ago, I still cry myself to sleep). But this weekend was especially bad. First and foremost, the IPOD, my sole companion decided she wanted out of this relationship. And presto, she stopped working. I and a few friends tried our best to revive her, but she said, “no more!”. Alas, I had to take her back to where she came from at the mall and they told me that she would work no more. I feel so guilty, I guess I was too possessive and pushed her over the edge. I broke out into my own rendition of ‘Goodbye my IPOD, goodbye my friend, you have been the one…you have been the one for me’! (Watte geek!!!) (Thanks James Blunt).

But there is some solace in all this. I get a new girl. The nice people at Apple (damn capitalists) have agreed to replace the IPOD by the end of this week. So I’ll have a new one to be possessive about.

Anyway, the day got a lot better by me attending class and discovering that my ‘strategy’ for answering the exam was all wrong. ( George Bush, you listening? we can admit we got the strategy wrong…). So that took me from the depressed to the really depressed on the Richter scale. To top it all off, my team, those dingbats, lost to Liverpool. (But we scored more goals…yay…Wes Brown) . I was so blue and out of the mood to do anything that I turned out an invite to go to a 5 star hotel for dinner and chose take-away instead. (A man is defined by the choices he makes…pppppfffffttttttttttt :P) Now how complicated is picking up the phone and ordering food, waiting for a while and having it delivered? Apparently, when you’re having a good day, it can all go wrong. I got the wrong parcel...it was vegetarian. Looked nothing like the Tandoori chicken I had ordered. Tasted very odd, so I guess the stray dogs outside the apartment had a good time.

Dinner was a 2 liter bottle of Sprite, two Mars bars and a Kit Kat. Now, at least they could have shown a good documentary/movie on the tube, but nooooooooo!!!! So I took my scrumptious meal and plunked myself in front of the computer. And as it turns out, the only movie I have that I haven’t seen was, ‘What Happens in Vegas’. ( This dude downloads chick flicks…so what? I watch ‘ Meet the Spartans’ too…so there!!!) The movie was alright. It was tolerable till the mush started setting in. And after all of this, and another bowl of cereal later, it was lights out.

Moral of the story – You can believe that you’ve been waking up on the wrong side of bed for 6 years, but some days are worse than others. There is no such thing as a good day…just a less bad day.