And then I’ll part the Red Sea as well…..

A private airline recently decided to retrench by firing close to two thousand of its cabin crew and ground staff to ensure continuity of the business. While it is definitely a sad state of affairs that the world economy is going down the drain, thanks to a few incompetent strategists at banks (who definitely paid a fortune for their education and messed up) and some smart terror causing twits with religious vendetta who live in caves; well pretty much everything is going wrong. The zeppelin has caught fire and is losing altitude quick. (Bit of a radical, aren’t I?)

Anyway, the now unemployed folks from the airline staged a protest in Mumbai, requesting that they be given their jobs back. They were ready to work for the basic pay offered and had requested the government to bail them out. Now some of the staff approached one of the local political parties who are infamous for having a nut job as a political leader. The party workers are no different. Their leader thinks he owns the state and can control everything in the state. While this is true to some extent, the party does resort to hooliganism to dictate their ideals and way of life.

Screw it. I’m taking names. I’m referring to the great (scoff) MNS in Maharashtra. Raj Thackeray never ceases to amaze me with his talk of ‘Marathi Manoos’. He obviously forgets that we are part of the republic of India and that Maharashtra isn’t his. This is an unfortunate syndrome with most politicians who believe they are messiahs to the cause of people. While most people aren’t really too bothered, the politicians love using the regionalism card to get the mass uneducated population of India to vote for them.

Anyway, Mr.Thackeray has sworn that he will not allow a single flight from that company to fly over Maharashtra if the employees were not reinstated. I’m all, “Dude! Seriously???? You won’t let them fly over ‘your’ airspace? What do you have a couple of private SAM sites with anti aircraft guns and missiles in your backyard? Or will your goonies just stand on the ground and scream at the planes while they fly past?”

Anyway, I have full faith that this lunatic might actually get away with it. He managed to round up his thugs..sorry…I mean party workers and beat up migrant workers coming into the state looking for work. This is the modus operandi of most gangs…sorry…I mean political parties in the great republic of India. In UP, workers of Mayawati’s party beat up people who speak out against her government. It’s even considered against the law to say anything against her. There are hundreds of instances where political parties hold the people to ransom as and when they please. Most of the civilized folks don’t want to deal with these hooligans, so not one person in their right mind would enter politics and look to reform the system.

And hence, political parties get away with whatever they want. They can stop trains, stop people from working, break up stores that display valentine’s day greetings, disturb the good tax-paying citizens by preventing them form enjoying their lives. Pretty soon, political leaders would dictate when flowers are to bloom, when babies are to wet their diapers and who knows…they’ll even start believing they can part the Red Sea. (Hope that when they do so, and take their party workers across to the ‘promised land’, the sea crashes down on them).