Fear of consequences...

It’s never the actual act or the thought of the act that frightens us. It’s the consequence that frightens us. It’s consequence that prevents us from acting on impulse. It’s consequence that makes us think twice. It’s consequence of what friends, family or that infernal society might say/do. Why is it that children are fearless? Simple. They have no fear of consequence until it is driven into their sub conscience by parents who fear consequence for themselves.

Why would someone fear speaking in public? We do it every time we talk to a friend. But why can’t the same thing be replicated by a factor of 1000; it’s the fear that one may say something improper and there would be a thousand critics. Why would someone be scared of wearing a certain outfit to a party even if it is the most comfortable thing you have? Because you’re scared that if you show up at that party, you might be mistaken for a homeless person. The actual act of putting the garment on and going out does not scare us half as much as what other people would say. What if they point at my shirt and snigger? Why would a guy be scared of asking a girl out? The actual act of asking does not frighten him as much as the probable result of getting a negative response.

Why would someone fear exams? It’s not the act of studying, going to the hall or even the results writing the exam that scares us. It’s the consequence that scares us. What would daddy and mommy say if I didn’t do well? What would my friends say if I didn’t do well? What would my colleagues think? What would happen if I don’t meet expectations set by other mortals? Will it mean doom? Will it mean a life time of sub standard existence? Will it mean the end of everything we know and hold dear to us?

There is always the other consequence of great things happening; but fear is a powerful villain. It can take your God filled soul and wring it inside-out. Fear of consequence can take the greatest giant and bring him down to his knees. Make the strongest heart weep. It’s never the act that scares us, but it’s the fear of negative consequence and the train that may follow that scares the living daylights out of us. Like Yoda said, “Fear is the path to the dark side.”

No matter how strong we may think we are, consequence will always have this way of messing with ones mind. Some choose to ignore it on certain occasions and in certain consequences. Consequences of acts for which we know the result. Acts for which we’ve seen the light and the darkness. Coming to redefine all of this, it’s the consequence of the unknown that can make your soul as brittle as china.