Imagine knowing more than the average Joe…

Despite my ‘strenuous’ and ‘packed’ schedule of sleep,eat,read…I’ve managed to sneak in a few spy movies. In the last fortnight or so, I’ve got around to seeing movies like Body of Lies, Spy Games, Clear and Present Danger, The Hunt for Red October, Munich, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and a few others. As always, the problem with me of thinking and analyzing everything kicked in.

I thought to myself. How great would it be to be a spy, or an undercover agent, or even part of a secret operation that only a handful of people in the world knew about. Imagine, everyone blissfully unaware of how their lives were changed by the act of espionage, defection, assassination. It would be so awesome being that shadow that just disappeared into the night without a trace. Knowing that you knew or had done something that had perhaps changed the course of history and mere mortals around you were blissfully oblivious.

Imagine, if you were the guy who assassinated Kennedy (conspiracy theory has it that it was the CIA), or you were the one who assassinated some political leader to cause the breakdown of law and order, you were the one person who stopped the Cuban missile crisis, you were the one person who sat in the KGB prison during the cold war and no one knew about it, you were the person who on the pretext of being a relief camp worker in the Gaza Strip was actually doing recon work for the other side, you led the team that ensured defection of Russian generals and their nuclear submarines during the cold war, you were part of the Jordanian intelligence or the CIA and had more or less dictated the way of the world at times, yet no one knew about you. Imagine what that kind of knowledge that would be. Awesome.

Taking this a step further, imagine you had that one secret which the world was dying to know, but you know you cant tell a living soul because it would be the start of anarchy. Part of a secret organization that dates back to the early days of Christ, part of an organization that were custodians of justice; had no religion, no country, no allegiances, but you controlled the order of mankind.

Wouldn’t it be great to have to live all your life knowing that the world around you was shaped by covert operations which not even the President of your country knew, but you knew that the world would be a far more terrible or different place had you not been there to change it. What if you were not the sniper who assassinated the lunatic general, what if you were not the head of an ops team that discovered nuclear weapons and destroyed them while in the terrorist’s backyard, what if you were not the person who sent blueprints across the iron curtain? What if?

Imagine being the Jack Ryan, the Jason Bourne, the Sydney Bristow, the Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg…..just imagine the kind of power one could dictate! Simply awesome.