Someone please explain the madness to me.

Going forward from my previous post where I have declared that I have officially gone mad, I have taken it to the next level as of today.

Russell Peters, one of the most hilarious comedians today, is having a show in Bangalore next weekend. All my friends are going, tickets booked n all. And I am not going!


Why ?

Well, my friends were nice enough to understand the madness and invited me along in any case. And I committed the same mistake again. I said, “ Peters is in town! That’s great. Count me OUT!!! I’d rather study! ”. That was the longest silence I’ve heard on the phone. And then one said, “I know the reasons but I don’t want to even try to explain or understand you!

Next instance, the clan from college called and they were getting together for a round of night gaming! Night GAMING !!! Gaming – my reason for existence during college!!!!! And what did I say, “Wow! That’s neat! But I won’t be coming!!! I’d rather study!”. Then the all so familiar click and silence from the other side.

I’m also giving the Def Lep concert a miss.

I think it’s now safe to say that I have completed my transformation to a complete loser. And all this started almost 2 years ago.( Yes humans…I have toiled to become this…Muhahaha) Numerous instances for improvement of life from ‘existence’ to ‘living’ were given up for the “exam”. And FYI, I didn’t do even remotely well in that exam. ( Go figure, it’s not designed for the mentally retarded!) And here I am making the same mistakes all over again. Sometimes I feel like Charlie from the chocolate factory who is torn between selling the golden ticket, or using it to have the experience of a life time. And I always seem to choose the worse option.

There are instances of great opportunities, chances and second chances coming my way in the last 2 years, which anyone else in my position would kill for, but me… Nu-uh! I am above all these worldly pursuits and definitions of happiness. (Madman ranting…madman ranting!!!) Hence, anyone reading this blog, if I don’t make it through to the other side this time, please feel free to hunt me down and beat me to death before the men in white coats come and take me away in a straightjacket.