There’s no such thing as ‘a fair fight’.

Back to the all so familiar exam terror blues! Your mind never seems to be in the right place, not because of the actual exam, but the possibility of consequence that may follow. Someone told me, when it comes to such competitive exams, it brings everyone down to the same plain for a fair fight.

Whaaaaaaat????? A “what” fight?

Obviously this person had no clue of this little thing called 'reality'. There is no such thing as a fair fight. There never is and never was. If there was something like that, we’d all be equal. Why is it that one guy wins the gold medal and one guy the silver? Simple; it’s because one was better than the other. He had something that set him apart from the rest. There is no such thing as a fair fight! Period! It’s a triumph of who’s better or who got luckier!

As far as exams go, at least in the great republic of India, it’s never a fair fight. There are always, those who stand to gain certain privileges because our country refuses to move forward in thinking and we’re still busy taking care of vendetta for the past generations and prejudices.

How is it a fair fight? One guy writing the exam is a fresher in college who probably has all the time in the world to study. One guy has a high paying job in a reputed company that keeps him on the bench; he can study and still draw a fat salary. One guy is lucky enough that his folks can afford to fund him for a year, so he decides to spend an entire year preparing for the exams doing nothing else. One guy works for a paltry salary yet his company expects him to be available round-the-clock, hence time is of the essence driving him to a state of desperation to clear the exam. One guy is writing it because everyone else is writing it. One guy is super-smart, hence all he has to do is show up at the exam center.(God bless him!) When so many scenario’s for the same situation exist, how is it a fair fight?

Circumstances determine how desperate a man can get. And desperation drives men to do stupid ,unreasonable, unexplainable things. So how is it a fair fight between a desperate man and man who’s getting through because of a regressive society refusing to let go of its past. It’ never a fair fight.

Anyone who tells you that, “all men were created equal.” is talking a lot of bull. Men were not created equal. There are those who are gifted in ways unimaginable to the rest. There are those who are smarter,faster, more cunning,etc. Michael Phelps would perhaps be a great example of this. The man was born to take to the swimming pool. So how is it that it’s a fair fight when a guy who’s body is made for swimming wins so many gold medals . It’s only a fair fight when we’re all equally important or equally insignificant. When we’re all clones of the same dumb DNA.

There is no such thing as a fair fight!