Conspiracy Theory: Al-Quaeda behind recent financial crisis.

I have this seriously serious conspiracy theory running through my mind. I am sure, somewhere, somehow, Bin Laden and his goons are behind the recent financial crisis. Hear me out on this, most of these guys at top management (even among terrorists) are smart, well educated people. Hell… how do you explain the precision in targeting the WTC? Anyway, I think, Bin Laden planned this for a while. Get some grads from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton…maybe IIM…..and brain wash them into being part of “the cause” ( All are infidels… In the words of Achmed the dead terrorist, ”Silence!!! I keeeeel you!!!”). Get them to work for some of the top financial and industrial institutions upon which the US of A was built. Make a mess, destroy them from the inside. And every infidel who depends on these infidels will fall. ( All those infidels in those call centers in India who change their names to Cynthia, Joan, David, Goliath, Samson, Delilah, Judas, Jericho, etc and speak with very bad accents….).

Think about it…. No one will blame the Al-Quaeda. They wont even know. Am sure Al-Hasan is now Alfred Hasselhoff ( appearances and references are purely co-incidental). Alfred has passed out of Harvard Business School. While everyone thought he was away on an internship with Ford Motors, he was actually attending some camp where they taught him Financial Espionage. (Probably run by the same idiots who worked at Enron). Alfred passes with flying colours, joins Lehman Brothers, his OT was actually a chance to start investing and lending loans to the unemployed (infidels) and then when the market crashed, because everybody thought Alfred was so dedicated, they decided to give him an hour to clean up his desk. Alfred is now learning to be Suicide Bomber.

The reason I say this – look at the United States of America. Every major industry that has sort of become the symbol of America is begging to be bailed out by the US congress. Companies like Ford and GM, which were the stalwarts of American industry are asking for help to remain on their feet, it speaks for how grave the situation really is. Financial figures like Lehman Bros who have been around for years and years are finished. And no one saw this coming???? Not one genius advising the retard (George Bush) saw this coming???? If it isn’t a conspiracy to bring the US down to its knees from the inside, I don’t know what is? I am fairly sure that Bin Laden’s financial advisors know what they are doing, take out the US….watch the world go into Anarchy…..

Just a thought….. Am sure some idiot in the US govt. is going, "Yeah!!! Let's blame this too on them damn terrorists...." George Bush - " Ladies and Gentlemen....the recent crisis has not been caused by us and my people. We love America. It's people like Obama....I mean Osama....who want to ruin us. This is why Obama...I mean Osama must be caught....I hate Obama....and Osama!!!!"