Getting focused.

I spent a few hours with my mentor of sorts, Arun Katiyar, at work. He was showing me some of the projects he was working on, both with my organization and some of his other clients. All I could do was stare in disbelief. The number of projects, with the impossible (in my mind) deadlines, were mind blowing. Or as Russell Peters put it, MIND BLASTING!!! Now, inexperienced and naïve me would think, “ Ok! So much work, so little time…maybe the quality isn’t too good!!!” But boy was I wrong, every presentation, every document, was immaculate. Every possible angle covered, every possible thought taken care off. One of the few times I had nothing to say. (Very few people have that effect on me.)

I thought I had too much to do with one fairly tedious/mundane/depressing report which takes one day to prepare, but ended up with me taking two entire days to finish it. (Some really silly screw up….my bad…and another person’s bad). And the variety of projects he was working on…..Wow!!! Spans from biking events to corporate stuff, creating of radio campaigns, promotional events…and that was only a handful of projects. I had to know how he did it. I get worked up trying to handle my 9-5 job (9- 6:30…not to forget the 3 hours spent traveling), reading up for those darn exams, trying to work on some music and being up-to-date with the latest Heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles. And in the middle of all this he’s going to the UK to play the saxophone for one of the underground restaurants. How cool is that?

Arun told me, you get here by staying focused. Experience will happen. That’s the big problem; at times, I have the attention span of a dog. I’d run into a room, and won’t know why I did that, and then turn away and run into the other room because I heard a pigeon in the window. I don’t actually do that, but yeah, if I were a dog, I’d do that. I can only hope and pray that life is good enough to me to make me wiser every now and then. Hopefully, in time, I too can do all these amazing things. But for now, eager beaver in me wants to do everything now. (Throwing a tantrum…) I want it NOW!!!! NOW!!!!NOW!!!!