Random thoughts….

1) Just when I thought I had my parents figured out, they behave in a completely different manner. I thought Mom would have my back and I would have to run and hide behind her while dad wielded his belt, but no, good cop bad cop routine was switched…. Mom got all screechy and Dad was like’ Whatever….’. I think they planned this just to catch me off guard and mess with my already messed up mind. " Next time the boy wants something, you say 'yes' aand i'll say 'no'..... he won't know who to ask...." Parents do this from time to time just to let you know who’s in charge and to keep you guessing. After 24 years of existence, I don’t really know the people I am supposed to know.

2) I went to the book store and decided its high time I stop reading these ‘easy tips to crack the CAT’ books and get back to reading normal literature. It’s been two years since I bought a book that didn’t involve an MBA entrance exam. So, I boldly marched into the local book store. I quickly realised that I’ve forgotten most of the authors and I can’t remember what genre I used to like reading. I stood there and looked from shelf to shelf without really picking out any book. I suddenly remembered that there was a new James Bond book, ‘Devil May Care’, and I thought I ought to buy that and start reading. I asked the shop assistant who was busy sorting books, “Do you have the latest James Bond book???” He looked at me as though I were retarded (I know this look, because I seem to be getting it fairly often these days) and retorted, “ Arey, what man? James Bond is film…not book…does this look like a movie theater to you????”. I had nothing more to say, I stared at the man, blinked a few times, let the insult sink in and quitely moved away. I roamed around the book store some more, looking for some high quality literature, after finally asking another shop assistant, “Where are the Archie Comics????”

3) I am having nightmares about Google Adwords. All I see these days is estimates, ranking, average CPC, estimated clicks…some more estimated rankings. They say that you never talk about work on your blog, but Adwords isn’t exactly work. So woohoo! I recently got a project which involves me looking at the sales potential of Adwords, towards driving traffic to the website, hence ensuring more clicks so that the Google search bot can rank us higher than everyone else while potential customers search for keywords related to the various service lines we have, which allows us to convert the website into a lead generation tool for the sales team which in turn results in more profits for the company. Simple isn’t it???? NOT !!!! Just when I thought I had the crux of this jazz figured out, I discovered some more jazz. And guess what…that jazz is interesting. So, for the last 3 days at work I have been reading on Google Adwords and almost everything related to it. This has resulted in nightmares. The last time I had computer related nightmares was when I played Half Life 2 for almost 20 hours straight when it just came out. But that time, it was me with a shot gun running after aliens and troops from Black Mesa. ( Watte geek...) This time it is me pumping my fists in the air for an appreciation mail from the boss for the excellent work (ahem ahem…cough …cough…puke) that I have done! Even dreams are facing a recession in quality, need to apply ITSM and six sigma to ensure that the quality of dreams is sustained.