Time for onion pakodas….

It’s 7 in the morning. The weather outside is spectacular. Thanks to hurricane Nisha, we have the light rain that falls so slowly that it almost resembles snow. The temperature has dropped to a level where a sweater or a nice blanket would suffice. (There are some who go all the way with the gloves and the monkey caps…). I have absolutely no mood to go to work today. (and that is different from the other days how????). The grey skies, light rain, breeze. “Oh so loverly !!!!” (I break into a small song and dance routine from ‘My Fair Lady’).” Aow, so loverly sittin' abso-bloomin'-lutely still….” (The song goes on… )

With this sort of weather, the government should consider it a crime for anyone to be working. Dad has the day off, so do all the neighborhood kiddies because former PM, VP Singh passed away. But I have to trudge to work. The cellphone rings, cab driver calling me to tell me that he’s almost at my door. I drag my feet towards the shoe cabinet to put on my shoes. I don’t want to go to work. Any other day, I would have gladly taken the day off, but I have deadlines that won’t be met all by themselves. I don’t even have any minions that I could dump my work onto.

I want to stay home. Curl up in bed with a nice book (right now reading ‘Piccadilly Jim’) or catch up on a movie on the ipod ( I got Heroes, Sarah Connor Chronicles…A Clockwork Orange to catch up on). That’s what you do on such days. And since I have the luxury of staying home, I can get a nice big glass of masala chai…a nice plate of hot onion pakodas….chilli bajji will do fine too….get ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ ( I love saying that). And basically do nothing all day. Instead, I’m going to work and I am NOT happy about it !!! I hate this meaningless corporate consumer driven life !!!