We still burn...and will continue to do so...

87 dead in Mumbai after last night’s attack. This is probably the 6th or 7th terrorist attack on Indian soil this year alone. And yet, our government remains stoic to the whole situation. After the 9/11 attacks on the WTC in the US, the Americans have tightened security, keeping in regard the safety of its citizens and not really caring about hurting any sentiment. While this has created a fairly uneasy atmosphere among non-Americans, the country has not had a single terrorist attack on home soil since. The United States is the safest place right now.

But after so many attacks on our own soil, have we become wiser? NO!!! We become wise for a few days, check everything, scan everyone entering malls and theaters, suspicious about everyone who looks a little odd, and 2 days later, we’re back to where we were. Vulnerable! Reason – we honestly don’t care enough. We’ve not learned. One can still get official documents by paying off underpaid un-motivated government officials. Our police seem more concerned with closing down bars at the deadline rather than looking after our security. We have not assessed potential threats in our own country. We place too much value in sentiment. This was recently show-cased by the BJP’s call that the nation would burn if the ATS did not stop arresting Sadhu’s who were suspected in the Malegaon blasts. They are not divine human beings. No human is divine, you are made divine by nit-wits and dullards and people with no lives. You trigger a bomb, you get in the rear. But, with politics harboring most of the terrorists, indirectly, for worry of upsetting a group of people and losing out on the vote bank, this country will remain unsafe. More and more cities will burn.

The current Indian government can do nothing but send its poster boy, Shivraj Patil, who will condemn the attacks. See…he cares…he did not support the attacks. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!! Do something about this. Condemning does not serve any purpose. The SOB’s out on Jihad or what ever f**ked up religious propaganda don’t care if you condemn it or not. It’s time to get wiser and start taking a good look at security.Upgrade police weapons; it was terrible to see the cops running around with .303 rifles while the SOB’s had AK-47’s. They can afford it, why cant you? You’re taking a big chink out of my monthly pay…use it!!!

But all this is trivial. There would be hundreds like me who would make a hue and cry about this. And again, tomorrow morning, everything will be hunky dory…at least until the next blast/attack. At best, either Bollywood or Hollywood would make a movie about it. People would go there, buy their popcorn, come out saying that they felt very moved by the movie….and that’s about it. We’d still remain vulnerable like an unprotected flock of sheep in the wild, and the government (irrespective of who is in power) will continue to sit on its hands and plainly condemn the attacks.