The great f**king Indian Apathy Show.

I was driving back to work with a colleague, after we ran an errand, and we saw a person being run over by one of those maniac cab drivers, two lanes away from us. The person looked like a carpet going under a car. The driver of the cab, obviously a gutless swine, sped away before anyone could react. We stopped our car and I ran out to prevent traffic from running over this person. This was right outside my office. Once we managed to get the traffic, another person who had stopped to help, decided we ought to move him to the side, lest we get run over ourselves.

Typical Indian mentality, a small crowd had gathered around to watch… not help…watch!!! Tax free entertainment you bas***ds!!! Not one was willing to help us move this guy across. We ended up dragging him on the road. I will not get into the gory details of how this person looked, but will focus on the great apathy on Indians. It’s not someone I know, not my problem….yeah you motherf**kers…that’s the spirit!!!! People were so scared to get involved that they refused to help move the poor fellow off the middle of the road. No one was willing to dial 100 for the cops (the enforcers of bas***dness) or 108 for an ambulance. No one. Even those f**king petty auto drivers would not stop, one even retorted saying that his auto might get dirty. I hope it does you scoundrel, and I hope it is with your own blood. Some of the people on the footpath at least decided to stop and call an ambulance. But most of the frantic work was done by a few people who ensured that the bleeding was controlled and that they got some water. I felt his pulse which was fairly week, the man kept spurting blood from his mouth while his eyes rolled back in his head. And all people could do was crowd around and say ‘Papa fellow’. I am sure that it helps…you vile dogs!

It was al most 30 minutes before the ambulance came. People did not help by crowding around the victim. Finally, in typical Hindi film fashion, the cops showed up after the ambulance was here and started creating hell. It’s thanks to the few bold people, the men with some balls, that we gave that boy a chance of survival. No thanks to you bloody eunuchs who stood by and watched. Apathetic little dogs you are!!! If you could not help, at least you could have got out of the way. This is us – India!!! The land where we’d watch a man die because it is bloody good fun!!! Besides…why would you want to get that shirt of yours dirty! It’s more valuable than a man’s life after all!!! I hope they bury you in that shirt!

Its times like this, I feel helpless as a human. Why can’t I be a super hero of some sort? All you could do is at least call the ambulance and saved us some time, but you chose to stand and watch like it were a strip show. I am afraid now. What if I were to meet the same fate? I am sure that you pigs would stand and watch me bleed to death. For once, I think the terrorists were alright killing people. What value is life, if you’re going to be like this alive? Better off dead you dogs! We are a country of scoundrels and rabid dogs run by bigger rabid dogs. Don’t fret when the government screws you over!!! They are people who came from us and will behave like us. What hurt me the most was the fact that educated men stood and watched while it was poorer and less fortunate people who rode cycles and mopeds who stopped to help. I pray that the poor boy lives. If he does, I will apologise to him on your behalf. I will tell him that I am sorry that we are like this!!! You f**king bystanders, burn in hell!!! The right thing would be for me to wish the same fate for you, but I won’t; in the hope that should this happen to a loved one….someone would have the guts to help and not merely watch. After all, life is like youtube in India….simply dekho!!! You sons of b*tches!!!