Having a Geeky Day – Crying over Smallville.

My mind has been racing through a little too much the last few days; been going through a weird time. I came home Friday evening determined to clear my mind and get back to normal. So I decided to finish watching a few episodes of Smallville season 5. Until yesterday evening, I had completed only 5 out of the total of 20 episodes. I started with episode 6. By episode 9, I was so immersed and gripped, that I decided I shall finish the entire season in one go. This isn’t the best thing to do when your brain is feeling all weird and you’ve got exams in a few weeks time.

I guess the geek in me came out. For the first time, I actually got emotionally caught up in the whole thing. This behavior is normally seen by mothers and sisters in daily soap operas , that go on and on. ( No more of Tulsi…..three cheers!!!!) Now, one would think all I did was stare, with my jaw dropped while ignoring the time. But, this was far more than this. I actually started putting custom messages on chat on what was happening. and how I felt. I found my self cheering when Clark Kent finally got together with Lana Lang. (Warm fuzzy nice feeling inside…oooh some one is getting mushy). I found myself getting really sad and overly emotional when they broke up. I’m screaming, “How can they do that? It’s so unfair…. I hate you both!” (Tears rolling down my eyes) And I got even wilder when Lana Lang got together with Lex Luthor. Stupid rich boy waiting to pick up the pieces of Lana's broken heart. And seriously, Clark has to turn back time to save Lana after he gets engaged to her and tells her his secret; his dad dies of a heart attack (R.I.P Jonathan Kent) and he decides he doesn’t want to tell Lana about his powers again. How dumb is that? With a name like ‘Superman’ you sure are ‘Super-dumb’. They looked cute together.

SEE WHAT I MEAN?????????? That’s how geeky I got.

I even caught hold of a friend at 8 in the morning to vent out my frustrations. Well, am feeling a lot better now. Thinking more clearly. Guess we all need to get caught up in someone else’s life to forget our own. And after all, it is Smallville – Lana Lang is quite adorable. Seriously, why leave Clark Kent? He’s a nice boy. And for what? Lex Luthor. Too much evil in that bald head of his. Although the geek in me says it is for the better, because we all know that Clark Kent is eventually going to fall for Lois Lane (played by Erica Durance who I find very cute now), and we know he still wont tell her who he is, or share his feelings…..and eventually she ends up marrying another guy leaving our favourite Kryptonian 'single and ready to mingle'.

I believe I just frightened myself at the level of Geek-ness displayed. Must revert to computer games…no more Smallville. Will now download ‘How I Met Your Mother - season 3’. As Barney puts it - it will be ‘legen…..wait for it…..dary’ !!!