“It was a size ten!!!”

These are the details of the shoes that are all set to beat Cinderella’s glass slippers and be immortalized in history. As many have put it, this is the parting gift to Dubya. And I still think it was too much. Maybe we should have thrown a rabid dog at him…perhaps a Chihuahua. I for one hail the great act of Muntadar al-Zeidi, the journalist form Iraq who has now put shoes on the WMD list. All his troops, his entire nuclear arsenal, nothing could save Bush. I am only sad that the journalist missed….on both counts. If only he had concentrated on playing cricket or any other target sport rather than on writing, he may have actually made it two on two.

It’s amazing. George Bush has never ceased to not make me laugh. I will be sad to see his sorry white a** out of the White House, but it is for the better. Even the Americans think he’s brought more blood to their doorstep than prevented it. It’s proof of how democracy can fail not one nation but the entire world.

Back to the shoes! I hear these have become the most expensive pair of shoes in history. I am certain all those marketing geniuses at Prada and Gucci are going, “Dammit!!! Why didn’t we endorse????There goes my new year bonus!”. The reactions around the Arab world were brilliant. Muntadar al-Zeidi is being hailed as a national hero by many. And this reaction is not limited to the Arab world alone. Many anti-bush parties have decided to include this previously unknown journalist into their hall of fame. Lawyers are queuing up to represent Muntadar in court. And they are willing to do it for free. It would be interesting to see what sort of punishment is dished out to the poor journalist. “ You have been sentenced to 2 years of rigorous imprisonment for having the guts to do what more than half the world wanted to do.”

I too gave a standing ovation to this brave man who’s made a mockery of the famed Secret Service. But honestly, I wish he had actually hit the target. After all this, Dubya reacted saying, “I saw his sole.” Dude!!! Now you’re ripping off my jokes!!! Anyway, the message to Dubya has been loud and clear. I don’t believe this will be the final act. Even after office, I suggest George Bush be vigilant. Who knows who could be lurking in the nearby shadows with a pair of Gucci’s!