My two cents : Farcry 2

Well, avid readers of this blog (I know who you are) would know that I’ve been ranting and raving about my new graphics card (a.k.a the new love in my geeky life a.k.a my reason to continue living a.k.a my daily drug a.k.a “ I need to find a hobby or a girlfriend and get out of the house more often”).I started playing Farcry 2 because I was really impressed by the first installment which had me playing it for close to 30 hours straight at one point in time.

It’s been over a week, and my review of this game is “ Farcry 2 is a far cry from Farcry”. Every gamer was waiting with fairly bated breath to play the next installment which boasted of a new engine. And after the fairly rave reviews of Crysis, people expected Farcry 2 to be quite brilliant. But after one week of playing this game, I’m already bored and am ready to start using cheat codes to finish. The game play is repetitive, all I seem to do is keep accepting missions to merely kill or blow up stuff without any amount of stealth or tactics involved, and have to keep running all over Africa. Not to forget the occasional bouts of Malaria in the middle of an intense gun battle.

Game play is terribly repetitive, go, get mission, find person, kill, recover diamonds and generally shoot everyone in sight. No to forget the Malaria medicine. I’m quite miffed with the game engine too. I am still rating the ‘Source’ engine as the best platform I’ve seen till date.( eagerly waiting for Source: Black Mesa). I do believe this game would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the ‘Farcry’ title. I now wish it did. I will be uninstalling the game very soon and start on my next great campaign – Bioshock.

PS: If you didn’t understand most (or all) of what I was saying, let it be…. I need these geeky outbursts every now and then.
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