Pleeeeeeeeeeease....stop these messages !

Me hard at work (hard to imagine), sweat drips down my brow (in an air-conditioned office), silence all around (except the buzz of the servers and the furious keyboard punching by the people around me), all is calm. Souls at peace, that their normal day has not been disturbed by any untoward incident (except for that stupid boy who sings along with his Ipod…guess who?). Then the phone goes all bananas. TRING!!! BEEP !!!

I look around, all miffed. Who the f….oh wait…that’s my phone. Dammit! Forgot to switch it to silent mode. I quickly pull it out of my pocket, half expecting a message from a friend, a conversation which would go like this (normally) :

Them: dude !!!What plans for weekend?

Me: Dunno. Life sucks man. I got class.

Them: oh! Dude we’re going to get drunk. Come after class.

Me: No man! I don’t want to drink. It may hamper performance during mock test next morning.

Them: You’re nuts!

Me: Don’t get me started.

Them: “ profanities

Me: Yeah! Whatever!!! Better be worth it.


But was it such a conversation? Nope!!! All that tranquility disturbed by a message that goes like this:

Presenting DJ dumb-head going to rock the house this Saturday. Msg for guest list. 1000/- entry. girls get in booze for women.

I’m all Aishwarya Rai screaming, “Devaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………”

Just as my wails die down, another message. TRING!!! BEEP !!! Dammit…forgot to go silent again:

Chinese Buffet. Mon to Fri. 299+tax. 199+tax on weekends.please call for reservation

Now I actually turn into Aishwarya Rai and run towards the campus main gate screaming, “Devaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………”

The only reason I get annoyed is because these messages are of no darn use to me. I am not interested in a buffet, I am not interested in your spiritual gathering, I am not interested in some lecture on ‘life beyond IIM’, I am not interested in any furniture sale, I am not interested in going to a disco and saying ladies get free booze isn’t helping me.
It’s all part of the conspiracy theory to get me into a straight jacket I tell you!!!