Radio Ga-ga !

My Ipod didn’t synchronize too well this morning. (At least I hope that is the issue) and it refuses to play any songs or videos. Initially, when I discovered this, I was completely hysterical. The portal to hell had been open and little devils were coming through. The apocalypse was here. The four horsemen were riding beside my cab, pointing and sniggering. ( Melodramatic ain’t I ???). Well, that was it. That meant a fairly torturous day at work without any music in my veins to keep my calm and not turn into a big green muscle mutation man and go , “Hulk Smash” !.

I soon realized that my phone had a radio. A previously undiscovered feature. (Yeah ! I don't know my what?) Beggars can't be choosers, I listened to the radio. Being the Christmas season, there were lots of nice tunes being played (the types that make you go all warm and happy inside) with the occasional Pussycat Dolls going, “when I grow up…I want to have groupies “ (it’s ‘boobies’ on the TV version…he he he….Sheesh!!!!! Grow up man!).
And some real classics which I haven’t heard in quite a while; songs like ‘Don’t happy’ by Bobby McFerrin, ‘ Follow Me’ by Uncle Cracker, ‘The Lemon song’ by Led Zeppelin, ‘Two steps Behind’ by Def Lep, and many more. And much to the annoyance of my cubicale mates, I knew all the words and kept singing along with almost every song. ( You ought to hear me rap 'The Real Slim Shady' by Eminem)I honestly can’t remember listening to the radio all day in a long time. Quite a fun day.

I was unusually upbeat despite not having the Ipod to give me company. There were a couple of funny incidents on air; one where some guy had requested the RJ to play ‘Hotel California’ by Bryan Adams. The RJ was really nice and said, “Hey! I don’t have that song…but I do have something that’s quite close…it’s ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles…I’ll play that !”. I was laughing my butt off. Also, the RJ was hoping that a guy who had won passes to a fabulous barbeque buffet ( Buffet !!! Ummmmmmmm……..) would ask her to come along, but the guy thought and said he’d rather take his wife along. The RJ must have turned all red in the face….I know this from the fact that there was one of those awkward silences on air.