Twas a restrained Christmas.

This is the time of year when many friends and neighbors reciprocate our good wishes (from Diwali) by sending us lovely cake, cookies, and tons of other little knick knacks which can only be described as fantabulous. One may officially O.D on Christmas cake and go to heaven. (Is there any such thing as too much Christmas cake?????) This year wasn’t very different. Starting from around the 20th, we had many friends and acquaintances come over or send us fruit cake, home made cookies, chocolate and that always so memorable rum-cake which has been allowed to marinate in a bottle of Old Monk rum, the good expensive variety. (That’s how the term Christmas ‘Spirit’ came about).

(Notice how I go through the entire menu when I talk about what we got…)

But with all those goodies, comes all that binging. With all that binging, comes all that extra weight. With all that extra weight, comes more hours in the gym and less time for anything else once the holiday season is over. Readers of this blog would know of my struggles to lose weight (which I have more or less won…thank you very much). So this year, Christmas was a challenge and not all that much of cheer. Also, with the impending exams, my frustration and anger levels are at an all time high, border line ‘Bah-Humbug’. This year I resolved that I would not touch a single piece of cake or any of the other goodies. Why indulge and repent?

So Christmas morning (and the day before), my apartment is swarming with the aroma of cookies, cakes, the smell of fresh cocoa for chocolate, vanilla essence, all coming from the neighboring houses. My blood-hound senses are in over-drive...sniffing the air like a Hyena that has smelt a carcass miles away. A satisfied grin on my face. It almost resembles the Tom & Jerry cartoon where the bulldog is sleep-walking (sleep-smelling actually) and is following a nice juicy steak while he is still asleep. And in the middle of all this, closer to lunch time, the neighbors start preparing chicken. (Aaaaw …so loverly!!!). And that is when the salivary glands decide that they can take no more and all hell breaks loose. (disgusting...ain’t I?). However, despite all this, I am terribly proud to state that I had only one cookie on Christmas day. That too because it was baked in the shape of a Christmas tree and was terribly adorable. It called out my name too… “ Please eat me” it said. Anyway, that was my only indulgence all day on Christmas. So three cheers for me. Promised to show restraint and that is exactly what I did.

P.S: But the next morning, I did fill a plate with teeny-weenie pieces of all the goodies…just for taste. By God...I think I died and went to heaven for a few minutes.