The underlying reason....

M (me) : Hey! I picked up the VCD of Rock On!! the other day.

F (friend): Do they still make those? Those VCD’s…aren’t we in the blue ray era?

M: Du-uh..yeah! I didn’t conjure it out of my butt !!!

F: Hmmm….why not the DVD?

M: Recession! I save 200 bucks…cost cutting! The ‘cool’ word these days!

F: You could have downloaded from (site not to be named) and got it for free.

M: But where’s the collector value in that?

F: (Rolls eyes) You like that movie so much?

M: Yeah! I never fail to cry at the end when Rampal leaves that dumb cruise job to do what he wants, play the guitar ( I make the devil’s horn sign \m/ \m/).

F: …….

M: Yah! It reminds me of my life and my ambitions to conquer the world with music. I’m telling you, I’m gonna quit this corporate job and write and play guitar for the rest of my life….This movie is so inspirational.

F: You Perv !!!! You bought it so that you could ogle at Prachi Desai….

M: he he he…..How did you know?????