I believe....

I had applied for leave for a few days to visit the family deities and other Gods to request for some divine intervention with regard to my pursuit of the last two years. I’m generally not a very pious human being. I’m not the type who’d visit a temple everyday, go on fasts, not eat garlic or onions, etc etc. (the usual jazz that will ensure you go to heaven). But do not mistake this for me being an atheist. As my friend put it, “The universe must have come from somewhere and someone designed it…so there must be a God.” And I whole-heartedly agree. There must be a force behind everything. And I believe this force has given me enough strength and courage to achieve what I need to achieve…and has bestowed me with strength to help my fellow human beings. Praying is just for good luck.

Coming back to the point, the paymasters were quite annoyed when I applied for leave, fresh after my 10 day hiatus from work. I was asked if it was absolutely necessary, I obviously said yes. I believe that at this point in time I need much more than my daily 2 minute prayer and salute every time I pass a place of accepted holy worship. (The salute also happens when I drive past favorite restaurants, lounges and bars too) (Parental unit and relatives may be reading…No! I do NOT worship alcohol…What Jack Daniels? I dunno what you talking about…) Anyway, the paymasters wanted me to plan my travels for the weekends, which is probably the most horrendous time to visit. More than that, owing to dad’s leg problem, we prefer going during the week so as to prevent devout patrons of religion kicking his heels. This coupled with the fact that I want to go before the next results come out, in the hopes that a proper sacrifice might tilt things in my favour has me applying for leave during the week. Speaking of sacrifice…where’s that lamb gone???

I am sure the paymasters would be thinking as to why someone like me would believe in all this. I tell you, I’m ready to believe anything right now if it is going to get me where I need to go. I’m ready to believe that storks deliver babies, JFK is alive and is boogying with John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and Subash Chandra Bose somewhere, Area 51 is located right under Disney Land, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is being furiously searched for by leprechauns and even that Pamela Andersons assets are real !!!