I love my culture…...pppppfffffttttttttt !!!!

Disclaimer: Fair amount of foul language.

So it happened again. The moral police have stood up and upheld the great Indian Culture. Today we broke new ground by beating up women. Those filthy women! How dare they enjoy themselves? They ought to stay home and wait for the men folk to return home drunk and beat them. How dare they dream of visiting bars and pubs? That’s not all… they even decide to have a drink or two. Outrageous! Blasphemy I tell you! We had every right to show them our true culture by beating them up!

Yes! This is our culture! It involves beating people enjoying a drink! It involves performing WWE like moves on women who have agreed to move out of the pub and walk away decently. Just in case we have not driven home the point, we have ensured we have left enough scars to ensure that every time they look in the mirror, they will never step out of their homes. We will ensure that we remain a backward society and a third world country forever. This is our culture! Accept it! And this country will continue to be run by the guardians of the great Indian indifference aka the unemployed frustrated illiterate hoi polloi. And you filthy middle class people…continue to turn the other cheek. We will continue to rule with no rules. Now, if women behave like this, we are the ones to teach them a lesson by beating them up. How dare they ruin the sanctity of Bharatiya Naari? They deserve to get beaten up by us.

For those who wonder why the sudden outburst, please check the recent news article where a mob of hooligans beat up women for entering a pub and enjoying a few drinks. And these hooligans are not even remotely remorseful for their act as they say this was justified. They were protecting our culture. Women were drinking (boozing …that’s a term used by every low life who cant hold their drink and think it is immoral) in a pub. Well du-uh you bas***ds…that’s what you do in those places. Groups speaking of moral policing while I am sure you’re having your shot of cheap packet whiskey in the evening; what the fuck is your problem I ask? Is it your sister? Your Mother? Your girlfriend? No???? Then who the hell are you to impose your screwed up and archaic notions of how to live. Just because you are a moron whose education is limited to sticks and stones, don’t impose your views on us. People like us work hard to earn our money and we have every right to enjoy it the way we want. Man and woman alike. If we decide to drink, without causing any trouble, we have every right. Hell, if we decide to have promiscuous sex….so what? It’s our decision! Our people have no issues with it. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU???? Just some frustrated piece of worm ring that scum spits on.

Go on you rabid dogs. Show the world our culture. This is our culture. Close minded and willing to beat up women. It’s bad enough you disrupt valentines day, rock shows or anything remotely western…..then what difference is there between you and a bloody Taliban pervert? Nothing!!!! You keep insulting Pakistanis saying they are the root cause for terror in this country. You are mistaken. It is vile dogs like you who are the root cause for terror and backwardness in this country. My prayers that the next time a terror attack happens, the damn Taliban take you to heaven (or wherever their kind goes). You disgust me with your repugnant behavior you guardians of absolute crap! Today, I am not proud to be an Indian! I hate everything this country is silently standing and watching! This is not my culture. Might be the one passed down by your fathers who I am sure are as vile as you. But, my parents have taught me better! Today I hang my head in shame. I am sorry that I share my nationality with such people. I apologize.

As expected, the government and the law stand silently and watch. They would not dare do anything. At least, they are doing what is expected of them. Cheers to you scoundrels! At least you didn't disappoint!