In Vogue....

It seems the movie Ghajini has created a sort of style statement for many hot-blooded male youth in this city. Don’t know how bad it is elsewhere. The most visible sign of the fad is the hair cut (if you call it that) that Aamir Khan sports in the movie when he suffers from short term memory loss. The one that is really short and has a scar going right across the top of your head to meet another scar running just above your neck. Just this morning I saw at least 10 guys sporting the hair style while waiting for their company bus. While I do agree that this is a style statement of sorts, I’m somehow apprehensive of modeling my long locks (ahem…cough cough) on a mental retard. The haircut is quite easy to maintain and works quite well when driving a bike as it doesn’t flatten your hair when you put the helmet on, but some how I cannot picture myself with that cut. You’ll find people who don’t exactly have the 8 pack abs or even the quarter pack abs sporting that hair cut and it does look fairly ridiculous. But that’s my take….Que sara sara…your head!!!

Another fashion trend that has come out of the movie is the rolling up of sleeves. Aamir wears short sleeved shirts and rolls them up, just enough to show off his biceps and triceps and quadriceps and pentaceps….and all the other ceps in his arm. While the movie has driven many a pot-bellied disgruntled male IT employee to the gym, most are not even remotely close to boasting of bulging biceps to pull off the look. But still, it seems to have kicked in. Friends at other companies report dudes rolling up their half sleeved shirts and showing off their meek excuse for a muscle. I heard some have even gone the extra mile to buy the jacket vest.

I’m all for style and trying to fit in. I would know about following fashion. Ask someone who shaved his face to resemble Wolverine upon the release of the second X-men movie. Except that the double chin made me look comical and not intimidating. One can’t forget the David Beckham crop or the Mohawk I’ve sported over the years. But that was way back in my youth. The madness caused by hormones going crazy. (One can always blame idiosyncrasies of youth on them hormones). But, I’ve realized that the school-boy cut is the only haircut that suits me. And have stuck to that. With regard to clothes, the only fashion I picked up was to wear tons of black. Guess this comes from my love for heavy metal and the fact that all heavy metal connoisseurs worship the devil. But that is as far as I have gone with fashion. Oh yes, I can say that I too was influenced by the Khan at one point in time. Post Dil Chahta Hain, I too joined the brigade of college going dudes who sported the tiny lock of hair just under the lower lip. But that too lasted for a week before I realized I look like an idiot. Posted below are the originals.... now imagine how I looked.

Quite clearly, fashion trends were not meant for me.