The long weekend of ‘catching-up’.

I love these little extended weekends; the ones where you get the extra day, either on a Friday or on a Monday. More than the weekend bit, it means you work for only 4 days in a week. Yippeee !!! Don’t mistaken me, I like this job. It pays the bills for my little eccentricities, all while teaching me a thing or two about responsibility. But still, nothing quite like having the extra day to laze around and catch up on stuff. It’s absolute ecstasy if you get two days along with the weekend.This weekend was one such weekend. We got the extra day off thanks to Monday being our National Republic day. (Poor PM….sitting in the ICU at AIIMS…missed the tanks… I love them tanks!) And it fell on a Monday. Why is it always so awesome when a holiday falls on a Monday? Something is so divine about not having the Monday morning blues this week. I love it.

Anyway, coming back to the point, we had tons of things planned out this weekend with the gang. But alas, not very much materialized. We did go to this place called Opus for Karaoke Night (Croak night as it is called there) and had a lot of fun. Darn expensive, but WTH…you live only once. But I did not get to sing at all. Sniff sniff. Because there were too many people and the ladies were getting late, already trudging on the deadline. (PS: I deserve a medal for Sunday night. I really do.)

Besides this, most of the weekend was spent either at the gym or catching up on the tons of movies and TV series I’ve downloaded over the last few months but never got around to watching them. Finished my Rolling Stone magazine for the month too. The gym episode was a bit of madness which had me going all berserk (inspiration: Aamir Khan in Ghajini) and working out like a total retard. I touched dumbbells that I would normally never look at, not even out of the corner of my eye. While the feeling was all exhilarating and awesome, the downside was that next morning my arms refused to straighten out. If I did, they would hurt so bad that I had half a mind to saw them off. (If only I could straighten the other arm to hold the hacksaw… Mom didn’t help…she didn’t want blood in the house…the carpet and curtains just got back from the dry cleaners you see.). So the arms were out of action for a day or so.

Anyway, I caught up on almost all my movies and TV series over the last 3 days, some I just wanted to see all over again. Here is the list. (Am sure you are waiting with bated breath):

1. Up to date on Smallville Season 8 ( total of 9 episodes seen)

2. Up to date on Star Wars: The Clone Wars ( total of 6 episodes seen )

3. Full Metal Jacket

4. Max Payne (Total pain it was…will blog on this later)

5. The Dark Knight (for the umpteenth time)

6. Keys Largo

7. Memento (2nd Time)

8. Pan’s Labyrinth

9. Mission Impossible 2 (on the tube)

10. August Rush

Out of all these, the one movie I recommend you see is ‘August Rush’. It was recommended to me a while back, but I never got around to watching it. But I am glad I did watch the movie. I found it simply beautiful. Being a music enthusiast (not blessed with enough enthusiasm though…..) I was able to co-relate to the movie at many levels. I have discovered another movie which I am in love with. I guess it has a lot to do with one of the male characters opening up his dusty old guitar after many years of turning away from music. (Am becoming a sucker for these kinds of scenes). All that apart, ‘August Rush’ is a simple yet gorgeously crafted movie about music, love and faith and how all of it is awesome. Recommend anyone who likes music to check this one out.Also, note for the guys, Keri Russell is very very cute. (Face of an angel types….I remember having the hugest 2 week crush on her when I saw her in a few episodes of ‘Boy meets World’)

That was pretty much the weekend. Movies and movies and more movies. Dad was not allowed to use the comp when I was around, which culminated in him calling me by my full name towards the end of Monday. When dad calls my full name, he means business, run to the hills…. Alas!!! I had to log out in the middle of a few chats that were happening, but I had to. ( I hate doing that to people) Or else, my head would be put on a spike and displayed for future generations that may follow – This is what happens if you hog the comp and don’t respond to being called by your full name.