Where do we go from here?

I’m still very very angered and outraged by the recent ‘protection of our culture’ by the Sri Ram Sena. And this is all poised to become worse with every passing minute. The inaction by the government and the people has clearly given such groups, whose motive is nothing but to make a scene like a spoilt child, a shot in the arm. The outright acceptance that this act was justified, by a man who calls himself their leader, fills me with so much rage that I wish I had some sort of demented super power to murder this man. I wish somebody does. It is people like this who will not let society evolve and will ensure we remain a 3rd world nation.

But the truth remains that all we civilized educated people can do, is get angry and protest. All this hue and cry will result in nothing. The son of a whore is out on bail and is all set to make his next move on unsuspecting hard working youngsters. The next thing he may target is that very Café Coffee Day you’re sitting at enjoying your cappuccino. (maybe reading this very blog over wi-fi) It is coming to that. We are encouraging the Taliban. Has history taught us nothing? What began as like this in Afghanistan many many years ago has resulted in total annihilation of their way of life and is exactly what has happened here. It is only a matter of time before these hooligans are armed and are shooting the true citizens of this country in broad daylight. All this, because we wont stand up to them for fear of losing a vote.

The fact that the horrendous man with archaic notions of hindutva and an utter disgrace to true followers of the faith, is out on bail less than 24 ours after his arrest is a clear indication of the weakness of the government and judiciary. We are being held to ransom by a group of perverted individuals who don’t want others to live the way they want, simply because they refuse to make anything of their otherwise pathetic lives. A clear case of ‘dog in the manger’ attitude. (More like son’s of Bitches in the manger). It annoys me that such people are driving me to so much rage and repugnance that I have to resort to profanity to calm down temporarily. Nothing would please me more than to take a blade and carve their faces, Joker style. You might ask, what makes them different form me then?

Nothing does. Because it is quite evident that decency and democracy mean nothing to these people. We need to speak to them in a tongue they understand. The foundation of effective communication. Speak to people in a manner that they understand. Ideally, we need to take that constitution and throw it out the window for once, as it has failed its purpose of protecting the common man. Forget culture, we’re talking about decency and the right to freedom here. Mahatma Gandhi, if you’re listening, I’m sorry! But non-violence won’t work with these people. It will be another 100 years before we can rid ourselves of another plague of rats. We silently stood by and watched the white man plunder and rape us, now we stand and watch our own countrymen (word used with much hatred and disdain) rape our own women. And we will stand still. This is where Hitler began. By being given a free run and being tainted a madman, he very cleverly turned the tide of the world to utter chaos and grief. And we’re doing this all over again.

Like many people have said on various channels, if these insane vile hooligans are really interested in serving the country, let’s pack them off to Kashmir, or the Bangladesh border. Two things, one – we give these honorable (puking here) men a chance to serve the motherland and two – we give the damn militants some target practice. Am sure not one of these scoundrels would lay down their lives, this is all just to make a lot of noise with no real impact. Chaos will ensue. We will burn. And we will still stand in silence and watch while these creatures from the bosom of hell, take over everything we’ve worked for.

If we can ensure that the lower ranked hooligans don’t make bail for at least 4 years, we can ensure some sort of semblance of safety and sanity in society. When you don’t have minions carrying out your dirty work, you obviously won’t go about doing it yourself. The minds behind such attacks need people lower down the order to execute their ideals (if you can call them that). Without execution, it will die a slow death. Ideally, we need to frame these men in some terrorist connection and send them to Guantanamo Bay. Am sure the prison guards would enjoy some new meat. Simply banning these groups makes no sense. It serves no purpose. Pretty much like the Geneva Convention when it comes to true war. Rid the country of them. Preferably, fake an encounter and kill them. I honestly have no regard for their families as I am sure they have no regard for their own. We’re already bursting at the seams as far as population goes. Time to rid ourselves of the rubbish.

I am sorry to be an Indian. I am sorry that I am one with no power to rid such grotesque display of pathetic ness. I am especially sorry to have a religion, that too, one that harbors such madness. I am sorry that my only strength lies in writing about such evil and not having the ability to overcome it. I am sorry for my fellow hard working people, who merely work and will stand by while we are over run by darkness. I am sorry for the generations to come. What we believe is our resilience and endurance is simply our inability and indifference to everything. I am sorry for God, that what he deemed his best creation is nothing more than a moderately advanced chimpanzee. I am sorry!

Maybe tomorrow will bring us some sunlight! Until then...Que sera sera !!!