Accuracy? Seriously?

Me: Dude! I really hate that episode of Heroes where Hiro came to India. It was so inaccurate.

Friend 1 ( Heroes Enthusiast) : Yeah man! It was so stupid. Why did Hiro have to travel all the way to India to save that Indian girl from getting married? It was irrelevant to the storyline. Full Slumdog influence.

Me: Seriously man! Was so annoying. That too, they couldn’t find any nice looking Indian girl either. They found some Air-India air hostess types from somewhere. That apart, it was nothing like an Indian wedding. They were in some temple in the middle of New Delhi and the temple was like a south Indian temple with the massive gopuram and all. Nuts it is! Am sure it was some place in the US.

Friend 1: yeah. And which Indian wedding has the bride and groom sitting on a comfortable chair in front of the fire? Normally you have to sit on the floor. Forget that bit of accuracy….when the federal government are looking for Hiro and Ando, how did they manage to leave the country? Also, how did Hiro know it was that particular temple in that city? So many temples in India look the same.

Me: Seriously! These writers didn’t research the accuracy before making the episode.

Friend 2 ( Heroes cynic) : You two idiots are talking about inaccuracy in a TV series that’s about people with supernatural powers like time travel….and you’re worried about accuracy??????? Seriously?????

Me (thinking): I need a life !!!