Boys Don’t Cry….Maybe Grown Men do.

I’m not reviewing the Hilary Swank Movie, but am going to talk about what I thought about the recent dramatic and emotional performance given by Roger Federer at the Australian Open finals…and I’m not talking about the tennis he played.

For those who were not fortunate enough to watch the final game, Fedex started bawling like a baby in front of an international audience after he lost to Rafa. It wasn’t even that close a game. Despite going up to 5 sets, the final set was all Rafa’s. Anyway, Fedex was so overwhelmed by his loss that he started crying his heart out in front of everyone. (Brought back fond memories of yours truly weeping because he got a 98 and not a 100 in mathematics in class 7). While I do support the emotional outburst, I did expect some sort of maturity in defeat from Fedex, who is definitely one of the most experienced players today. All credit due, 13 titles is no joke. But that’s my point, one would expect a guy who has been around for a while and has won a fair share of titles, to lose graciously.

And he kept on bawling. Rafa was kind enough to wait for Fedex to drain out his tear ducts and give his acceptance speech. I had two parallel thoughts running in my mind. The first said that it was ok for a guy to cry after losing a hard fought game. It highlights the fact as to how bad he wanted to win and despite his 13 titles; he still wanted to go on and was not complacent. This has happened many times in football games with a bunch of 11 guys losing the final game in a penalty shoot-out (In your face Chelsea fans…we whooped thy rear at the finals…Muhahaha). But that sort of emotion is generally displayed by the younger players or players who’ve made it all the way to the finals for the first time in their lives and end up losing. The second line of thought had me completely disgusted by the fact that a dude with so many titles under his belt had lost and was not being gracious enough to smile through it. I understand a few tears and the emotion, but come on….thin line of difference between shedding a tear and bawling like a baby. Even Fedex’s girlfriend was embarrassed by his teary display of emotion.

Oh well. It is over and Rafa is still number one. Looking forward to the next grand slam. And lo…guess what its clay court…. I guess the predictions came true. Rafa would beat Fedex on grass court before Fedex could claim victory against him on clay court.For the record, At Rafa’s age, Fedex had one only 1 title. Rafa currently has 6 titles and an Olympic gold medal. He still has a while before he reaches where Fedex has come, but it is coming.

PS: Cheers to Yuki, Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza for their victories. I saw Bhupati hugging Sania after the game. I’m surprised we’ve not had the Sri Ram Sena a.k.a the Vile dogs or the Muslim clergy up in arms for having such a public display of affection between people of different faiths. We must beat Sania Mirza as it is against our Indian culture to be wearing such gear and mixing with boys of different faith (and taking drugs). And also stone Bhupati’s house to teach him a lesson not to be hugging girls (hugging dudes is fine…as long as they are of the same caste and faith). After all, it is our ‘ Indian Culture’. Long live the Regression!!!