Caught red-handed...

We saw some members of the Infrastructure and tech teams running about our floor frantically searching everyone’s computer for some port number. I just ignored this as a trivial matter. It turns out that despite all our security measures, and firewalls, content-filtering and other thing-a-majigs, someone was successfully downloading porn at the office.

Come on, dude! How desperate and bored can you be in life that you download porn, in the office, during peak working hours? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m not preaching on the whole moral angle of porn ( Ushooooooooooo!!!) but am talking about how bored one might be in life that they would risk their job by downloading porn in broad daylight. I’d understand doing this in the dead of night on the pretext of ‘work’ while no one is around and the monitoring team is pretty much busy with other work (watching some porn kiddin).

Anyway, after much searching, it was discovered that the security guard at the reception outside was the culprit downloading stuff. Obviously ,we all had a good laugh. I recommend that we give the guy a job in one of our teams. He managed to bamboozle all these smarty-pant engineers. But that wasn’t the focus of the discussion. Instead it was – What did he use? Did he use a proxy server? Did he remote desktop into another PC beyond the firewall? Maybe he disabled the filter somehow? Some dude in the night shift might have put a virus on his system that disables the content filter?

DU-UH !!!!!