Craving has been satisfied

I’ve been nursing this craving for a burger since the last two months. You might think that’s a little retarded and odd owing to the fact the there is a McDonalds almost everywhere. Let me state one thing quite clearly. The burgers there, are NOT burgers. They are vile processed filth loaded with lettuce that merely pose as a burger. It’s like a white man trying to pass himself off as a black man by wearing hip hop clothes, bling bling and talking gangsta.

A true burger is made separately, with love, and not in a whole-sale manner. There is this place called ‘Ice n Spice’ which I simply adore for the al-fresco environment and the awesome burgers. Not to mention the really nice cold coffees that accompany the main course. They have this hazelnut thingy which I really like too. 

Before I start ranting about the delicious intricacies of the burger, resulting in me drooling all over the keyboard, I’ll come back to the point. I’ve been nursing (note the use of this word) this major craving for a delicious burger for the last two months. Somehow or the other, some other plans always got in the way. I don’t particularly fancy eating by myself, and hence have always looked for some sort of company for the meal. The craving at one point became so bad, I had made up my mind to go alone and eat. (It was THAT bad….) But guess what, work got in the way and had me sitting till almost midnight. So much for the burger. People sending me pictures of burgers, just to make me rip out whatever little hair I have left on my head, didn’t really help. It just got worse and most of the evening was spent furiously chewing gum.

Finally, after almost 9 weeks, I managed to get company for the burger. Yaaay! Here is the best part. After we all landed up at the burger joint…I wanted to go to the other joint that had the most divine steaks you can have. Quite obviously, the gang asked me to shut the hell up and enjoy my burger.

Oh well!!!! C’est la Vie.

OMG !!!! The best bestest concert till date

It’s a Maiden week of music….