Fascinated by these little connections

I was sorting out my collection of certificates from over the years just a few hours ago. I discovered that I’m not as incompetent as I think I am. I do have a fair amount of certificates with second prizes. (The first prizes were generally given to the ones who studied better). Anyway, like I said I was clearing out some certificates and one happened to catch my eye. Until then, I was completely nonchalant about my achievements. ( Erm..okay…humble nature not suiting me)

This certificate was signed by a familiar name, a friend whom I had met just over a year ago at my present place of wage earning. Now, what puzzled me was that the certificate was dated in the year 2000. That’s almost a decade ago. I was fatter and had more black hair then. Now I bear a striking resemblance to Daniel Craig and hair is en route to looking like George Clooney.( What??? Cough cough cough ….help….I’m choking…my alter-ego’s are having an epileptic attack)

 Anyway, I honestly have no recollection of meeting this friend way back then. I’m sure she would have failed to register a pot-bellied greasy haired boy with Elvis Priestley side-locks (Like I had mentioned in an earlier blog… I’ve tried tons of hair styles). But, I put the certificate to the test and did the most audacious and obnoxious thing of waking this person up to verify the facts. (FYI: It’s past midnight) Obviously, she wasn’t too delighted at being woken up to be asked if she was the President of such and such social  club and does she remember signing certificates which she handed out to a character that I described above way back in 2000. But come on, we’ve already spoken about the minor OCD problem I have, the whole “need to know now” problem. Friend was kind enough to seem moderately enthusiastic while sharing my excitement (which I am still unable to explain….not normal that such things excite me. Must be getting senile in my old age). But it is true, turns out that she was the one who did in fact sign on the certificate.

One must admit that it is kind of neat having this little connection that goes way back, almost a decade, which I’ve discovered after so long. This is why making friends is so cool. Somehow I’m feeling a lot like Phoebe after she discovered that she was the one that mugged Ross when he was a geeky little kid, and was so kicked that she had a connection that went way back.

PS: Note to self: Need to cut down on the ‘Friends’ re-runs. Two instances of comparing oneself to them in as many entries isn’t healthy.

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