This website link ( was posted on a friend’s facebook status. He called it absolutely hilarious. Late Saturday night, at a friend’s place for dinner , I decided to log on and actually check this out…and now. 3 days later… my stomach hurts because this site is so funny and mean at the same time. 

The site basically covers the really annoying and horrible parts of life, including stuff like break-ups, bad encounters in love, being mistaken for a queer encounters, and just general embarrassing bad luck with the human race. Some of the jokes are really mean, but that’s the best part… It’s almost unbelievably true. I would warn people though, that if you think sex-jokes are perverted…don’t visit this site. Close to 85% of the content (ball park figure…I didn’t do any actual math) is of an adult nature. Some of the jokes in the remaining 15% can be totally related to. 

I happened to mention this site to a friend and she now thinks I’m a pervert ( and maybe even a sex-addict). In my defense, I was referring to the non-sex jokes. ( PS: The following lines are actual material from the website) Jokes like: 

Today, I was at the gym and as I was pulling out my earphones and getting off my treadmill, I heard the girl behind me say to her friend on the treadmill next to her, "Wow, there are no cute guys today." Her friend replied, "None at all. It's like everyone suddenly got gay or ugly." FML


Today, I finally finished my 500 page manuscript and so went out to buy some paper to print it off. I get back home and find out my dad has infected my computer with a virus and the only way to save it was to wipe the hard drive, which he did. That script took me a year and I have no backup.” FML

Or even:

Today, I was offered a promotion but for the same pay. Promotion... WTF?” FML


Today, I decided to clean my room, find a job and ask a girl on a date. I ended up playing computer games.” FML

This was familiar too:

Today, the ugliest girl in school walked by me and said "ewwww". FML

Maybe even this:

Today, I realized I spend way too much time on the computer. I grabbed the menu at the restaurant, glanced at the page, and tried to do CTRL+F to find seafood. Geek coming through!” FML

I could even be in the scenario like this.

I got a message saying that it’s over between us. I’m a b***ard for sleeping with lisa. I’m single. I don’t know who sent the message or who Lisa is.” FML.

The best thing I could relate to would be:

Today, I realized that my life is so boring that I could not think of a single thing to complain about.” FML

( The author of this blog needs to visit a site like this and read this on page number 70-something to realize his life is boring??????)

But, obviously, somewhere, my friend automatically assumed I meant all the hilarious sex-jokes on this site. I nearly had a heart attack; friend spent the next 1 hour trying to say she was mistaken. I’m still not buying it. There had to be someplace from where she got the idea. It definitely wasn’t from me. I now question what rumors might be making the rounds about yours truly.

Hey, I think I got my own FML entry –

Today I shared this website with some friends and told them it was hilarious. One of them reverted calling me a pervert. Revert and pervert rhyme.”FML.

PS: I hope I don’t have to explain what FML stands for.