For Heath Ledger and A.R.Rahman

Today was perhaps the most emotional Oscar awards function for me. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an ardent fan of the awards, and have seen it every year. I still remember the year Gladiator swept the awards; I actually missed school that day. The same when the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won.

But the reason, this particular Oscars had me actually crying were two fold. Two reasons for which I saw the awards. Namely – Heath Ledger and A.R.Rahman.

Not since Gladiator, have I been so influenced by a character on-screen. The portrayal of The Joker by Heath Ledger was just so brilliant in so many indescribable ways. Not only was it a major shot in the arm for every hardcore Batman fan, but for anyone who isn’t even remotely interested in the genre. The Joker was one character that has become so immortal thanks to Ledger, there is no person who can come close to reclaim this. I would put, Johnny Depp to be the best bet to come close. 

I was so moved when they announced Heath Ledger’s win for the category, I burst into tears and gave a standing ovation. The parental unit obviously thought I was losing it. But much more than seeing someone being given their due, the fact that moved me the most was that someone had gone all the way, and put in all that effort and they couldn’t be there in person to bask in that glory. I couldn’t even come to imagine the composure Heath’s family maintained through out the acceptance. It is but a bitter sweet experience. I didn’t agree with the academy on many of the awards and nominations, but this was the one award I completely agree with them for handing out. R.I.P Heath Ledger. Thank you for the wonderful memories of the roles you have played over the years. And most of all, for this larger than life, larger than utter chaos image of the Joker. For that, I am eternally grateful.

The next greatest point for me of the awards was our very own A.R.Rahman winning his two Oscars. I believe that this is long overdue. While many would agree that Slumdog wasn’t his best work and that we have been fortunate and blessed to listen to much better tunes from this genius, it is definitely a long overdue recognition. But the second instance of the evening wasn’t the winning of the award, but what Rahman said in his acceptance speech that really moved me, “All my life I had a choice between hate and love. I chose love and I am here" This is so meaningful in this day and age. He perfectly conveyed an emotion without throwing that in people’s faces. All cheers to Rahman. More music maestro. 

In all this, we forget that two other significant country men who won awards. One was Gulzar, who has given us some of the finest lyrics of Indian cinema. But another award which went out to Resul Pookutty for his work with sound. Congrats to them.
The rest of the Oscar awards were pretty immaterial to me. I’ll put up my own little bit of slander on the slumdog parade tomorrow. But for now, all hail the Genius that is Rahman.

Great show Heath Ledger, we are forever in your debt. I just pray that when ever the time comes for me to stand in the true spotlight, I’m still drawing breath.

P.S : I also gave a standing ovation for Jerry Lewis, the greatest funny man ever.If you have not seen his movies, better start.