It stands for ‘Post Script’

I discovered one of these mails I had sent out to a friend nearly a year ago. Just an example of how flabbergasted I was as friend did not know what ‘P.S’ stood for.


Hello ,

How are you? This is the mail I’m sending to show you how most normal people use P.S as “post script” and not “performance station” or any IT oriented terminology.

It is used when you write a fairly long letter as I have been doing, but want to summarize or state an important point at the end. This was used in olden days when people would write letters and then forget to add an important point. Since they did not have the luxury of MS Word, they had to write P.S at the end of the letter, after the signature and state the point they missed.

Warm Regards,

Nikhilesh Murthy.

P.S: I hope you understood.


Note: I'm still wondering what the devil a 'performance station' is......

Accuracy? Seriously?