It’s a Maiden week of music….

This entire week, I will be listening to only Iron Maiden all day long. Probably by Wednesday, I’ll have most of the lyrics in place, not that I don’t already. Most of the messing around on the guitar would be on Iron Maiden tunes. Distortion on the amp turned on at full volume and galloping riffs being played. Maybe, I would get innovative and try some acoustic equivalent on some of the tunes. Come to think of it, I can’t remember Maiden doing an acoustic concert, or even an orchestra type concert. Would be neat though, like Metallica’s S&M….. Iron Maiden with Julliard School orchestra. Drool !!!

Why all the sudden Iron Maiden infatuation you may ask. Simple!!! Iron Maiden are playing in the ‘Rock in India’ festival coming Sunday (15th Feb 09). They are playing with quite a few other bands, many local bands, which I think is a great thing. The only sore spot of the evening would probably be Lauren Harris. All that apart, most of this week would be spent waiting for Sunday. Tis going to be awesome!!! I won’t make the mistake of standing right up front like I did the last time Maiden played. Indian crowds are brutal, you can crack a rib, many passed out due to lack of oxygen. Will stand back and enjoy the show. And knowing maiden, they’ll have some awesome gear up. Last time, they got the mascot Eddie in a huge tank which was totally awesome. Until Sunday then…..

Megadeth were the show case for last year’s festival. Iron Maiden this year; maybe Metallica next year????? ( praying…..)

Craving has been satisfied

Looking forward to Valentine’s Day